Sally Yim

Sally 在這個教育自閉症孩子的旅程中已經是第19個年頭。她仍然有著同一顆的熱情教導早期行為治療。在過去的年頭她曾經當過行為治療師和在加拿大的公立小學當然影子老師多年,專門支援和教導有自閉症或其他問題的孩子。 Sally是一位國際認證行為分析師,擁有特殊教育碩士學位。她在2015年在加拿大的列治文市開辦了Bridge Kids Behavior Consulting Limited。 Sally深信若家長能全心全意地學習,踢走負面的情緒,和跟足專業團隊的指示,一定能夠為小朋友帶來很理想的效果。有部分小孩更因為父母和專業團隊的充分合作而變得與其他小朋友毫無明顯的分別。 大家家長必須努力加油,不要灰心、積極面對。所有難題都能夠解決。
Sally is now in her nineteenth year of teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She still has the same passion and enthusiasm for early behaviour intervention as she did upon graduation. In the past years, Sally worked as a behaviour interventionist and a special education assistant, supporting children with autism and other disabilities.
Sally is a Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA), with a Master of Education degree in Special Education. She founded Bridge Kids Behaviour Consulting Limited in Richmond, BC, Canada in 2015. Sally completed the BCBA coursework from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Sally graduated from UBC with a degree in Psychology. She then acquired a postgraduate education diploma called “Infant Development and Supported Child Care” from UBC. Sally also completed her Master program from The Education University of Hong Kong (EduHK) and was excited to write a book with short stories for EduHK. The book “Our Journey” was then published in 2012.
Sally is dedicated in keeping current with early intervention through professional development. She continues learning and growing as a behaviour consultant and also as a mother of two daughters.
Sally is also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.